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David Lawrence

Jason Flanagan


Flanagan Lawrence adopts a humane approach to design, recognising with each project that we are being given a unique opportunity to improve the quality of people’s lives through design.

We thrive on the challenges and opportunities presented by urban development and the increasing need to intensify the use of precious urban land.


FLINT Director


Robbie Turner


Senior Associate Directors


Chris Kallan

Henrik Lonberg

Barbara Twine


Senior Associate Director (R&D)


Paul Bavister


Associate Directors


Eimear O'Neill-Melon

Luka Melon

Magdalena Biczysko

Michael Hudson




Alain Speed

Simon Cantrell

Charlotte Rosier

Giovanna Sylos Labini

Guy Marriott

Michael Hellyer


Architectural Staff

Alex McClellan.jpg

Alexandra McClellan

Nathan Berger Delaporte.jpg

Nathan Berger Delaporte

Greta Krenciute.jpg

Greta Krenciute

Jide Ilene.jpg

Jide Ilene

Julija Kraveca.jpg

Julija Kraveca

Chloe Woodhead.jpg

Chloe Woodhead

Alyssa Ohse.jpg

Alyssa Ohse

Razvan Andrei.jpg

Razvan Andrei

Katherine Llewellyn.jpg

Katherine Llewellyn

Jie Shen.jpg

Jie Shen

Jane Kissane.jpg

Jane Kissane

Maria Phillips.jpg

Maria Phillips

Viktor Vlcec edit.png

Viktor Vlcec


Support Team

Andrew Knott new .jpg

Andrew Knott

Claire Davies.jpg

Claire Davies

Anoushka Mani.jpg

Anoushka Mani