Hillside Houses


Client: Espalier Group

Location: Millendreath, UK

Status: Planning Approval

Area: 350,000 sqm

Planning Consultant: Indigo Planning Ltd

Structural Engineer: Expedition

Landscape Design: LDA Design

Economic Consultant: Locum Consulting

Millendreath is a small enclosed valley in south east Cornwall. An area previously neglected, the plans for the 35 hectare (90 acre) site will provide a mix of uses, including holiday and residential accommodation with new leisure, retail and business activities.

The design concept for the holiday accommodation has been kept simple, with only two floors and a limited palette of materials. By a combination of cantilevering and partially burying the buildings, their impact on the site is reduced, allowing the natural character of the hillside to drift under and over the development.

The houses are inverted, with the living spaces accommodated in an open sided, timber louvred box facing the view down the valley to the sea, and the bed accommodation in a stone plinth embedded in the hillside below.