Goldhawk Road


Client: Londonewcastle

London, UK

 Completed 2017

9,290 sqm 4/5 Storey Residential, 2,137 sqm Commercial Units

Cost Consultant:
Carruth Larshall

Structural Engineer: Heyne Tillett Steel

Services Engineers:
McBains Cooper

The scheme provides 57 units of residential accommodation of various tenures, and 11 commercial units, with associated parking and landscaping.

Affordable accommodation is included in the form of shared ownership housing, with a common treatment given to both private and affordable exterior facades. The scheme offers a range of dwelling types, from studio flats to four bedroom townhouses. A significant number of the homes are suitable for families.

Two and three storey terraced houses are located to the south and west boundaries, with two storey mews houses and four storey commercial units located in the least visually sensitive part of the site. The interlocking buildings create a sequence of setbacks and oblique windows, ensuring privacy for residents. Pitched roofs, projecting ‘bay windows’, and chimneys echo the surrounding Victorian architecture.

The scheme has been designed to maximise the number of south and south-west facing habitable rooms within both the townhouses and the central block. Inset balconies and corner setbacks add to the articulation of the façades.

The renewable energy strategy for the site has been a key part of the design process. The key element is the Ground Source Heat Pump and Combined Heat and Power Plant, providing heating and hot water for the residential and commercial units.

Cooling is provided to the commercial units. Electricity generated from the CHP is supplemented by photo-voltaic cells and a high level of of thermal insulation is achieved to further reduce off site energy demands.