Caldecott Square

  • Herby Holdings
  • Rugby, United Kingdom
  • 120,000 sqf
  • Aecom
  • Techniker
  • Place

The proposed development is a composition of flexible, multi-use pavilions arranged and connected around an historic garden courtyard, to create a distinctive environment on the site of the former Herbert Gray College within Rugby town’s central conservation area.

The project is conceived as a development which fosters connections between the modern and the historic, and between its tenants and users. The different uses proposed include high-quality naturally ventilated office space, an hotel and associated conference and dining facilities, as well as leisure facilities. The new development will include the adaptation and refurbishment of the two historically significant buildings on the site; the Grade II listed Herbert Gray College and Marjorie Hume House.

The whole composition is stitched together by a bridging “street” which wraps around the gardens, linking all the pavilions at first floor level and which contains, or leads to, offices, bars and cafés, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and leisure facilities. The “street” carves out new vistas, spaces and roof lights in and around the development, and provides the means by which the historic, existing buildings are revitalised by a dramatic yet sensitive reconfiguration.

  •  Herby Holdings
  •  Rugby, United Kingdom
  •  120,000 sqf
  •  Aecom
  •  Techniker
  •  Place